Andover Jr Sports Association

2022 Coaches Registration




Welcome to the 2022 Football & Cheer Coaches Registration!



Safety is a fundamental piece of the Andover Jr Sports Association's mission to help more kids get out and play! Coaches are held to the highest standards and why the Andover Jr Sports Association has partnered with USA Football and SportsEngine who has integrated with some of the nation's leading providers of background screening services and Anti-Abuse prevention training systems to stay in compliance with the United States government's Safe Sport Act of 2017.

ALL Football and Cheer coaches must first register online to be considered and hereby agree to go through a formal background screening and complete all Safe Sport Act Requirements. If selected, coaches are then required to:


  1. Complete Background Screening & Safe Sport Act Anti-Abuse Training.
  • All football and cheer coaches are required to have a background screening performed and be Approved.
  • All football and cheer coaches are required to fulfill the United States government's Safe Sport Act of 2017 comprehensive Anti-Abuse awareness training for youth sports organizations. Football coaches will complete this with their USA Football Certification.
  • Instructions will be emailed to you after you have been selected as a coach.
  • Background Fee paid by Football Coach - $20.50
  • Background Fee & Anti-Abuse paid by Cheer Coach - $25.50
  1. USA Football Certification - Football ONLY
  • Whether you’re a veteran coach or coaching for the first time, you’re in a position to instruct and influence the young athletes in our program. USA Football’s Youth Coach Certification ensures you have the right knowledge and teaching methods to develop athletes appropriately on your team. ALL Football Coaches are required to annually complete their USA Football Certification BEFORE participating in or conducting a practice.
  • Once a coach has successfully completed their Background Screening, they will receive an email with a link to complete their USA Football Certification to include the Safe Sport Act Anti-Abuse training.
  • Fee paid by AJSA
  1. American Red Cross First Aid, Health and Safety Course along with American Red Cross CPR and AED Certification/Recertification
  • Required by all Head Football & First Assistant Coaches
  • Required by Head Cheer Coach 
  • Time & Date TBA
  • Instructions will be emailed to you after you have been selected as a coach.
  • Professional Emergency Medical Responders - (Exempt but Documentation is Required)
  • Fee paid by AJSA
  1. Insurance
  • Insurance coverage will be included with USA Football Heads Up Football Youth Tackle certification for coaches certified within the current calendar year which is required. You will remain covered so long as you maintain the required certifications.
  • Insurance coverage will be included for Cheer coaches.
  • Premium paid by AJSA (only after completion of requirements and certifications).

(Recommend you purchase and carry additional insurance if you feel it's necessary)

  1. Coach Interviews
  • Must Attend Coaches Interview (Time and Date TBD) if applying first time for Head Coach position and/or requested by AJSA. 
  • AJSA reserves the right to specifically request ANY coach to be interviewed. We will inform you if you are required to attend.
  1. Attend/complete all required events/training/activities as assigned by the AJSA. Failure do so will disqualify you from both the Head and First Assistant coaching positions.
  2. All Head Coaches are expected to help recruit kids to the program. If not interested and willing to help recruit and put forward the effort, Do Not Apply for a Head Coach position and consider an Assistant position.


Please direct questions to:

Board of Directors